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How long will it take to begin my advertising campaign?

We will begin your campaign as soon as we receive full payment and all the artwork is created for your campaign. Generally if payment is received with the order campaigns will start within 72 hours. If you have an urgent campaign we can complete the artwork the same day.

I was looking at the Price Sheet and I saw the abbreviation CPM. What does that mean?
CPM stands for Cost per Thousand (M standing for the Roman Numeral Version of 1,000). This means you are investing $xx per one thousand impressions.

When I present a section of the site (such as the World Challenge section on TheRaceSite.com) how am I charged for that?
When your present a section of the site you are charged on a weekly basis. It doesn't matter how many times your ad is viewed or how many times your ad is clicked on you will always only be billed the per week fee.

When I choose to buy Run of the Site Banners, how does that work and how am I charged?
Run of the site banners refer to the ads that change on a random basis on each page. When you begin your campaign you will let us know how many 'impressions' you wish to purchase. This refers to how many times your banner is viewed by visitors to our sites. You purchase these Run of Site Banners in blocks of 1,000 impressions.

What is an Impression?
Every time a viewer to one of our sites views your ad is considered an impression. Imagine this as looking at the number of subscribers to a magazine. When you buy ad space in a magazine you buy per thousand subscribers. For a magazine each subscriber is considered one impression. For an internet site, each time someone views your ad, it is considered an impression.

With Run of Site Banners, how do I control how long my Impressions will last?

Our Ad Serving machine will limit the number of times that your banner is shown per day to a number you specify. If you want your banner to only be shown 100 times per day or if you want it to be shown 20,000 times per day, we can control the number of times it is shown.

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